Saturday, July 23, 2011

RIP Amy Winehouse

I was driving home from my OBX vacation today with my wife. We were listening to a very exclusive 700 song playlist of "hits" on random. After we righted a wrong turn in Virginia Beach (one of my favorite places) my wife looked at me and said, "Amy Winehouse was found dead in her flat." I let out a hushed "f&ck." About an hour later, Rehab played. I hit skip immediately. I couldn't hear it (and you'll notice I didn't post that video below).

I didn't know Amy, but I fell in love with that voice the first time I heard it. Years ago, a friend online suggested I check out her Frank cd. It was only available via import at the time but I managed to get a copy of it (from a now out of business record store) and was blown away by what I heard. That voice. Shortly after, her Back to Black cd came out and I was head over heels. It was around this time when I happened to be backstage hanging out with my wife and Suzanne Vega (nothing like the time I ended up backstage with Iron Maiden). We were chatting about music and Suzanne enthusiastically asked me if I had heard Amy Winehouse. I gave her a big smile and said something like "what an amazing voice" and Suzanne agreed. That voice. Now silenced. Be at peace Amy.

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