Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Wilco - Outtasite (Outta Mind) (LIVE)

OK, since I've been doing this silly blog I tried to only present the "official" videos for the bands covered. Well, one of those big major labels (name withheld) doesn't allow their videos to be embedded. Sometimes I get lucky and find a version that works (even if the quality is compromised). Most times, I end up skipping the band. The problem is that there are a ton of great bands that we're missing out on. So maybe this week I'll feature them.

With that said, Wilco has a new album out today. I'm going to admit, their last few albums have left me mostly unsatisfied. I guess I just prefer the country/roots sounds found on their first three records. Of course I have all their records (including the new one)...loyalty has its price I suppose. I'm sure I'll like it enough, but not nearly as much as AM, Being There and Summerteeth. Here's a live classic off Being There. Enjoy!

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