Sunday, January 15, 2012

Rilo Kiley - Wires and Waves & Better Son/Daughter

There's only one band that could kick off the Your Forgotten Favorite reboot -- Rilo Kiley. They were easily my favorite band of the decade (even if I hated their last album). Their first three albums still blow me away. Here's two of my favorite tracks (the second of which still kicks my ass every time I hear it). ENJOY!!!


  1. I've been recently enjoying them as well. I didn't quite expect to see them first, but I did expect to see them quickly from you.

  2. While we're on it, I don't entirely concur on their last album. It was weaker, but it wasn't awful.

  3. The problem with their last album was all in the production. If Mogis would have done it, it would have been fine (the songs were very good...well except Dejalo). It sounded like a bad remix album to me. I would have loved to have heard the demos. I imagine they would have sounded a lot more like Rilo Kiley.