Monday, September 17, 2012

Motorhead - Brave New World

OK, so what started out to be a one-week break from this here 2000's music video blog went to two weeks (or was it three?). I'd like to say I was busy, but I wasn't. Just highly unmotivated. Pretty sure any post I would have done would've been quarter-assed as opposed to the half-assed posts you've come to expect over the last few years.

So enough excuses, let's get to the Metal as it's Metal Monday (well, sometimes it's Punk Monday...and then there's Hardcore Monday too). When people ask me what was the "loudest show" I've ever seen (heard actually) two concerts come to mind: seeing the Swans in the early 90s and of course, the almighty and never aging MOTORHEAD, who I saw at Washington, DC's famous 9:30 Club in the late 90s. They totally blew the roof off the place and my eardrums too (I couldn't hear for days after that show). Here's a video from their 2002 album - Hammered. Enjoy!

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