Monday, February 11, 2013

Your New Favorite Song Artist Spotlight - The Paisley Fields

James and Jessica of The Paisley Fields
About two minutes after my Your New Favorite Song Artist Spotlight on Derek Bishop a few weeks ago, I was contacted by Brooklyn-based country/blues/jazz band The Paisley Fields. OK, I wasn't contacted by the band, it was actually lead vocalist and piano player James Wilson. He mentioned to me that The Paisley Fields were embarking on a small east coast tour with Derek (kicking off on February 16th) and wondered if would I be interested in featuring them. "Of course," I replied. "A friend of Derek's is a friend of mine." That's how we roll here at Your New Favorite Song. Plus, it was about time to finally do a band profile. But, that also meant ditching most of the asinine questions I normally ask (otherwise we'd get four separate answers for each question which would just be silly). Wilson agreed to do the talking for the band and assured me that he consulted a few of his bandmates including lead vocalist Jessica Kimple, drummer Rob Knopper and guitarist Joe Kimple on the answers.

Your New Favorite Song: It’s time to get the party started, what can we get y’all to drink?

The Paisley Fields (as told by James Wilson): Rob, Joe and James will have a beer. Jessica likes honey whiskey.

YNFS: Describe your band’s music in a single Haiku.

TPF: tulips and whiskey
in a honky tonk riot
piano on fire

YNFS: What are five bands/performers that the band HAS to listen to on roadtrips to shows or just artists/bands that the band collectively likes?

TPF: We are going on our first tour in February, but we will definitely have to bring along Dolly Parton, The Rolling Stones, The Beach Boys, Johnny Cash and Janis Joplin. Our buddy Derek Bishop is coming along on the tour so I’m sure he will have some music to contribute too.

YNFS: Every band has one of those gigs where nothing seems to go right and it seems like a disaster at the moment, but given time everyone can look back and laugh. Do you have any good stories that you can share involving the band?

TPF: Fortunately all the gigs we have played as a band have been pretty successful so far. One time I was playing a show with another band and a beer that was sitting on the piano fell off. It spilled all over the piano keys and shattered on the floor. I didn’t stop playing or anything, but it was my one punk rock moment. I’m sure my bandmates have some interesting stage stories too.

YNFS: What are the band’s goals for 2013?

TPF: We are putting out a new EP titled “Dixie Queen” that will be accompanied by a six-city tour. Our goal is to get that music to as many ears as possible. The EP will be released halfway through our tour on February 19th. The tour starts in Philadelphia on February 16th and will take us through DC, Greensboro, Nashville, Memphis and back to Brooklyn. Our website has a full list of dates and once the album is up it will be available there too ( (Editor's Note: y'all better hook a brother up...LOL).

YNFS: While any gig for a band is always a good one, are there any in particular that you are looking forward to playing this year whether it be a festival, headlining or opening for well-known artist/band?

Dixie Queen EP will be released on 2/19/13
TPF: We are really looking forward to our whole tour, but we are especially excited about the shows in Nashville. Our friend Willie Thomas Huston will be joining us for a couple shows there.

YNFS: To go along with the last question, has the band had the opportunity to open for or play with any “established name acts” (for lack of a better term)? If so, how was it? If not, who would the band like to play with (within reason of course)?

TPF: We have all been playing music our whole lives, but as a band we are pretty new. We haven’t had the opportunity to perform any opening spots as a group yet, but we look forward to the day we can! It would be a dream come true to share the stage with anyone who has had an influence on our musical lives.

YNFS: Finally, if you could say one more thing to potential and current fans about your music what would it be? Sell us on your awesomeness!

TPF: Give us a listen! We have fresh sound that’s influenced by time-tested songs. We are sort of a combination of Mumford and Sons, meets The National, meets Arcade Fire.
And now here's a sneak preview video of music from The Paisley Fields' Dixie Queen EP which will be released on February 19th.

The Paisley Fields can be reached online via their website, Twitter and Facebook.

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