Friday, June 7, 2013

Velocity Girl - I Can't Stop Smiling

Well, it appears this Flashback Friday will be special one. It's the 700th post here at Your New Favorite Song! Insane.

Let's take a walk down memory lane. I started this silly little music video blog over three years ago for two reasons: 1. To actually have fun writing again (something that was seriously lacking in my professional world and still is...but that's another story) and 2. To stop annoying my friends on Facebook with countless videos on late nights (which I'm still guilty of...but not nearly as much).

The site was initially called Your Forgotten Favorite (after the Velocity Girl song....incidentally their Audrey's Eyes video was the first video I posted) and the focus was strictly on 90s alternative, indie and punk videos. It was fun going back to my college and bar DJ days. But like all good things, it ran its course after about 350 videos (in those days I refused to repeat, not so much). After a short break we moved on to the 00s. Not exactly my best idea. It appeared that NO ONE felt like looking back on that decade. As one regular reader noted, "It's hard to get nostalgic about a song that came out four years ago and is still played way too much on the radio." Ouch. Point taken.

Last October, I realized it was time for another change. I wanted to focus on the now. What's current and what I like (a lot more country). Maybe even do some interviews (which were wickedly successful...note to self: do some more). I was good to go, well, except for the name. Your Forgotten Favorite made absolutely no sense anymore. Your New Favorite Song was born.

As always, thanks for indulging me, reading these posts, and spreading the word. As it is Flashback Friday, let's go with the band that started it all. Here's one of my favorite Velocity Girl songs. Enjoy!

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