Monday, March 3, 2014

Kelleigh Bannen - Famous

WOW, I really have been lazy this year here at Your New Favorite Song. There's certainly no other excuse for me not posting the latest video by one of my favorite up-and-coming country singers Kelleigh Bannen. The first time I heard Sorry On The Rocks I was hooked (click on that link for a photo of Kelleigh and I and the video for Sorry). I got to see her again this summer on Luke Bryan's tour and she commanded the stage with her powerful voice, charming charisma and most importantly, great songs.

Kelleigh's latest single Famous came out in late January. It's a busted relationship but you'll get yours song that delivers a big pop chorus which is apparently what it takes to get country radio's attention these days if you are of the fairer sex. Let's be honest though, I like a big poppy chorus, especially when it's as catchy as hell, and Famous' is for sure.

I still haven't heard word as to when her debut album comes out. Hopefully it will be this year. Maybe we'll learn more at tonight's #CMchat (click the link for more info and join in, it's fun).

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