Thursday, July 26, 2012

Little Big Town - Boondocks

New priorities have popped up, but never fear, I'll still be here, just later some days. Tonight we celebrate an evening edition of COUNTRY THURSDAY!!!!

I've been a pretty big fan of Little Big Town and their sweet four-part harmonies for a few years now. And while I was a bit lukewarm at first to their latest single Pontoon, I have to admit, it's becoming my summer jam (I can't believe I just wrote the phrase "it's becoming my summer jam" about any song). But Pontoon's a new song and you know we only focus on 2000-10 at this here blog (well, we used to be all about the 90s, but that ran it's course...there's still the archives you 90s lovers...relive the magic). So here's one of their biggest songs. Even if you don't like country music, play it all the way through as the last minute of the song is vocally very cool. Enjoy!

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