Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Another new beginning....

I had this well-thought and prepared statement ready to explain why I was sadly putting an end to Your Forgotten Favorite 2000 (formerly Your Forgotten Favorite), but then I had an idea. While it's been fun looking back these last three years (587 posts) at music from the 90s and then the 00s, it just got a little boring to me. I'd rather look at the present and more so to the future.

So I bring you, Your New Favorite Song (as you can tell, naming things is not my strong suit...seriously, I'm surprised my cats aren't named Grey Cat, Orange Cat and Fat Orange Cat). The premise will be pretty much the same as Your Forgotten Favorite (post some words of occasional wisdom/truth and then the video). Most of the acts should be somewhat familiar. But some won't be.

Every so often I'd also like to feature lesser known and unsigned acts (bands on Twitter who follow me take note). The hope here is to spread the word with some interviews and links to download a song or two if available (legally of course, but hopefully for free). I've already talked about this with some artists and they seem into it. If you're in a band or a singer/songwriter and want to be featured drop me a note here or on Twitter (@sneezeguard). This may take some time to implement, but hopefully it will be sooner than later.

So, starting Monday October 29th, the Your New Favorite Song era begins. The schedule will likely be as such:
Mondays: Punk/Hardcore/Metal
Tuesdays: Indie
Wednesday: Pop
Thursday: Country
Fridays are always live

So, come back on Monday (trust me, I'll remind you) for some new music videos and fun. And once we get going, please feel free to retweet on Twitter and share on Facebook. Use the comment section and let me know what you think about the bands, or bands I should feature, or even how awesome I am. Particularly that last one.

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  1. Does this mean you'll get bored with guilty pleasures and covers? LOL