Monday, November 12, 2012

Tristan Prettyman - My Oh My & I Was Gonna Marry You

Your Forgotten Favorite is no more. Say hello to Your New Favorite Song where we celebrate and hopefully discover great new music. Some days we'll focus on bands that are very well known, other days the bands/artists will be known by hundreds of people. Fans and artists alike, keep me in the loop. If it's good I want to hear it. So feel free to tweet me @sneezeguard or drop me a line in the comments area with any cool new suggestions. If I dig it, I'll post it.

Today we start the Your New Favorite Song era with a couple of videos from one of my favorite records of 2012. I had the pleasure to see Tristan Prettyman yesterday afternoon (see photo on the left). It was my second time seeing her this year and first since the release of her hauntingly beautiful and occasionally playful break-up/rebirth album -- Cedar + Gold. First up is the video for the playful My Oh My.

And now here's a song to rip your heart out.

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