Monday, December 17, 2012

Kat Parsons - Love Changes Everything

Kat Parsons and Me
I "met" indie pop songstress Kat Parsons this summer on Twitter. We chatted occasionally. I bought her records. She signed them for me. I framed the covers and sent her pictures. We laughed. We cried. We talked cat magnets. Hell, I even wrote a stunning 5-star iTunes review for her latest EP -- Oh! (well, it's as stunning as any 3-6 sentence review can be).

But as you can see from the photo on your left, I really got to meet her last night after a wonderfully fun and frisky performance (by her, not me). It was nice to freely converse with her and not have to worry about keeping it under 140 characters (although come to think of it we did tweet each other a couple hours after the fact). Twitter's a real thing.

Sing it Kat (photo by Lauren Colvin)
I warned her that I was going to post her latest video on my new music blog (and to also not expect anything too deep...I'm pretty sure I'm delivering on that promise). She suggested that maybe y'all would want a copy of the song for your very own to snuggle up with (I'm paraphrasing). I thought that was a wonderful idea, so go to Kat's website, give her your name, email and zip code and you can get yourself a copy of the single to take care of and love. AND THEN when you fall head over heels for the song, to the point where you can't stop dancing around and singing it, go back to that website and pick up her fantastic Oh! and Talk To Me EPs. But first thing's first, check out the delightfully playful video for Love Changes Everything! Oh yeah, give her a follow on Twitter as well -- @KatParsonsSings


  1. Scott- my wife and I sat at your table last night. Wish I knew you were such a big fan. Have a KP house concert. We had one last month. Best. Move. Ever. It will be magical...and don't forget to invite me! Nice words, btw.

  2. Thanks for reading John. I had a blast last night. It's a shame we didn't get to talk. I have to admit before the show I was a bit consumed with the results of my fantasy football team. Very rude of me.

  3. Hmmm, this must be a thing for random strangers sitting at one another's tables at Kat Parsons' shows.

    My first time seeing her, a random stranger who came late asked if she could sit at our table - RIGHT in front of the stage. Since we had an extra seat, it was no problem. Turns out, it was Kat's roommate from college. :)