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Your New Favorite Song Artist Spotlight - Jeff Scott Stevens

Welcome to the third Your New Favorite Song Artist Spotlight. Today, let's meet country music songwriter and reality singing contest show savant Jeff Scott Stevens. I've been chatting on and off with Jeff for months on Twitter. Most of the conversation revolves around what's happening on The Voice or one of the dozens of country music award shows that the networks bombard us fans with every other week or so. His genuinely good guy demeanor can only be attributed to living in one of the snowiest parts of the country, Syracuse, NY (incidentally, 90 miles east of my almost as equally snowy hometown of Rochester, NY). I'd like to thank Jeff for taking the time to answer some not so brilliant questions (NOTE: new not so brilliant questions coming soon).  


Jeff Scott Stevens is an aspiring country music songwriter from Syracuse, NY. He started playing piano/keyboards in high school and has since learned guitar, bass, and drums. Jeff’s written everything from pop/rock music, to local TV themes, and even scored music for a low-budget pilot that a friend was pitching. For the last four years he has been writing and producing country songs (many of which are available on iTunes). His latest single “When the Rest of the World Ain’t Right” was released this fall.

The Interview: 

Your New Favorite Song: It’s time to get the party started, what are you asking the bartender to make for you?

Jeff Scott Stevens: J├Ągermeister if the party is to get kickin’. Preferably from one of those cool upside-down shot things they have in bars.

YNFS: As we close in on 2012 what are five albums released this year that you can’t get enough of?

JSS: This is a tough one. I often buy singles rather than entire CDs for variety's sake. Latest singles throughout the year from Blake Shelton, Miranda Lambert, Carrie Underwood, Lady Antebellum etc...

YNFS: OK, And now what are the five albums you can’t get enough of that aren’t cool to admit to liking (I know how these lists work, I do the same thing)? EDITOR'S NOTE 1: I ask these questions via email so this question makes little sense due his previous answer, but I like Jeff's answer so I kept it...incidentally, I can relate to Jeff here as I downloaded every song from the Nashville Soundtrack (and even the ones that weren't on it).

JSS: I'm never ashamed of anything in my collection! However, I guess the things I'd get the most flack for at this point are the several singles I bought from the "Smash" TV Show Soundtrack. But again, I'm not ashamed one bit. The writing on those songs, the arrangements, and the vocals are extremely well done.

YNFS: When you were in high school and locked yourself in your room what five bands were you digging on the most?

JSS: Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Van Halen, Ozzy Osbourne, AC/DC

YNFS: It’s the 1800s, whose novel do you wait in line for before its midnight release?

JSS: I think Barnes and Noble had a pre-sale for the latest Twain, so I'm waitin’ in that line!

YNFS: Cats or Dogs?

JSS: Dogs, because they're intelligent enough to realize that they need to do their business outside instead of taking care of things indoors.

YNFS: Who’s the most famous musician/artist/actor you’ve ever had the pleasure to meet? Paint the picture. What happened?

JSS: As boring as this is. I've never met anybody famous. The closest I can remember was being held up in traffic on a highway because the President was traveling and his motorcade went right by me. LOL. Does that count? EDITOR'S NOTE 2: I’ll allow it, even though I used to live in DC and that annoyance happened to me on a semi-regular basis during the GWB years.

YNFS: What’s your favorite word?

JSS: Does James Lipton know you are stealing this question LOL? Hmm, probably creativity. EDITOR'S NOTE 3 that "hack" Lipton doesn't need to know about this...

YNFS: I know you're a Voice fan, who's been your most favorite five over the first three seasons?

JSS: Javier Colon. I knew from the blind auditions that he would win in season one. I feel that Chris Mann (Season 2) technically has the best voice of anyone in all seasons. Was sorry to see Amanda Brown (Season 3) go. I thought she had some of the best vocals this year. She just had some odd song choices. Terry McDermott (Season 3 runner-up). I would just like to see him take over as the lead singer of Foreigner (even though the guy they've got currently is doing a great job) instead of embarking on his own career. Jordis Unga (Season 2), because I liked her from Rock Star: INXS. EDITOR'S NOTE 4: Notice how I called him a savant in the intro...C'Mon, he remembered Jordis from Rock Star INXS...I think that says it all.

YNFS: Finally, if you could say one thing to potential and current fans about your music what would it be? Sell us on your awesomeness!

JSS: Just enjoy the music. Give everything a listen. I think there's a good variety of tempos and themes for everyone to find something they like. So go check out the previews on iTunes or Amazon or Android (Google Play) and grab an earful!

The Music

Here's a preview of some of his songs (Jeff wanted to upload his latest single on YouTube but it was not cooperating) takes a few seconds to start.

You can connect with Jeff on Twitter, Facebook and most importantly on iTunes

And when you're done checking out Jeff and his music, why not take a peek at the previous two Your New Favorite Song Artist Spotlights on Brett Gleason and Jana Fisher

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