Thursday, April 11, 2013

Maggie Rose - I Ain't Your Mama

I saw today's video for the first time on the CMT Countdown sometime late last year and was immediately drawn to it's bluesy country groove...and of course Maggie's smoking hot voice. Of course I downloaded the single and impatiently waited for her album to come out. About a month ago, I pre-ordered Cut To Impress (with some special signed goodies for my wall of fame). The week it was released I practically accosted the postman every day while waiting for the package to arrive. And I waited. And waited some more. Two weeks later I was starting to get worried that something was wrong. Then I got a message from the distribution site. Some dumbass (me) screwed up the zip code and the package was returned to sender (kind of lazy on the USPS since the town I live in isn't that big and there are only a few zip codes). Thankfully the package was resent and arrived last week. Happy to say the disc sounds awesome (one of my favorites this year) and the signed 7" and CD look great framed and on my wall.

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