Friday, April 12, 2013

Shudder To Think - Hit Liquor

Time for another new (likely short-lived) feature here at Your New Favorite Song. Back when I started doing this blog three years ago, the site was called Your Forgotten Favorite (hence the URL) and I covered 90s alternative/punk/hardcore/metal videos. After a year and a half I moved on to the 00s (which went over like a fart in church). Now of course, we're on to new music which seems to be working out quite nicely. BUT, it's still fun to look back. Hence FLASHBACK FRIDAYS.

I was reminded about how much I loved Shudder To Think yesterday by the good folks at Dig Me Out (If you haven't checked them out you should...Great 90s alternative podcast that I don't listen to nearly enough as I should). Anyway, I used to play today's song all the time on my old college radio show (and then years later at a little punk bar I used to DJ at in DC). Over the ensuing years I somehow forgot about how great they were...Shame on me.

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