Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Sara Watkins - You and Me

Sara Watkins keeps popping up on me lately so I figured it was time to finally post a video from her fantastic second album Sun Midnight Sun. I caught today's video over the weekend on CMT Pure. I think. It might have been GAC (I tend to flip back and forth depending on what's playing). Then, just last night, I was hanging some framed Opry posters I picked up in Nashville a few weeks ago. I noticed that the wall was starting to look kind of bare (even with the new additions) so I started adding a couple more signed/framed 8x10s and posters from another overcrowded wall. One of the posters I moved (naturally) was my signed Sara Watkins Sun Midnight Sun poster which I got from her website when I ordered the cd. Regardless of how we got here, we got here. So just sit back and enjoy this wonderful song/video and her super sweet voice.

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